Stylus Pen Tip Coefficient of Friction Testing | COF Tester

Stylus Pen Tip Coefficient of Friction Testing | COF Tester

Instruments such as the COF Tester play a pivotal role in evaluating the durability and frictional properties of stylus pens. Specifically designed for this purpose, the COF Tester offers two distinctive test modes – linear back-and-forth sliding test and coefficient of friction test.

What is the purpose of a stylus pen?

The stylus pen is an input tool, resembling a pen, that individuals utilize for pointing, swiping, signing, and drawing on various types of touchscreens and electronic devices.

Stylus pens are compatible with tablets, smartphones, and any device equipped with a touchscreen.

In comparison to using your finger, a stylus pen offers a cleaner and more precise swiping and clicking experience when interacting with your phone, tablet, or touchscreen device.

What makes a good stylus pen?

Three properties—durability, comfortable grip and ergonomics, and appropriate friction and precision—are essential for a good stylus pen as they contribute to its overall performance, user experience, and longevity.


A good stylus pen should be built to last, with sturdy construction and materials that withstand regular use without breaking or bending.

Comfortable grip and ergonomics

A good stylus pen should have a comfortable grip and ergonomic design for a natural and fatigue-free writing or drawing experience.

Appropriate friction and precision

The stylus pen should provide the right amount of friction on the screen surface for precise control and accuracy, capturing fine details and pressure variations effectively.

Recommended instruments--COF Tester

Stylus Pen Sliding and COF Tester are specially designed for durability and friction testing. It has two test modes linear back-and-forth sliding test and coefficient of friction test.

Stylus pen sliding and COF tester test method

The test stylus pen is fixed together with a certain weight and vertically over a touch panel or screen, which is lying on the COF tester. Thus, the stylus pen is giving a gravity of this weight plus its own mass. Then the user sets the moving speed and chooses the test modes required.

The coefficient of friction value can be used as a reference for how to analyze and develop the stylus pen tip material, while a sliding test helps to evaluate how much the tip wears out after a certain test cycle.

Optimizing the performance of stylus pens is a multifaceted process that involves understanding and enhancing their key attributes. With the integration of dedicated instruments like the COF Tester, manufacturers and researchers can fine-tune the friction and durability of stylus pen tips, ensuring they meet the exacting standards of diverse industries.

By prioritizing the Coefficient of Friction Test with instruments like the COF Tester, we pave the way for stylus pens that offer unparalleled precision, comfort, and longevity, setting new benchmarks in touchscreen interaction across packaging, food, medicine, beverage, colleges, and beyond.

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