Cosmetic Packaging Material Thickness Test

The fact that whether the thickness of cosmetic packaging materials (film or foil) is uniform is the basis for testing various properties of the film.


Uneven film thickness will not only affect the tensile strength and barrier properties of the film, but also affect the subsequent processing of the film. There are many thickness measurement methods, generally divided into non-contact and contact methods:

Non-contact method includes ray, eddy current, ultrasonic, etc.


Contact method is also called mechanical thickness measurement, including point contact and surface contact way.


At present, the laboratory test of cosmetic film thickness adopts the mechanical surface contact test method, which is also used as the arbitration method for thickness. Taking Cell Instruments FTT-01 Thickness Tester as an example, take a flat material and place it on the test stand to test the thickness, set the time interval and measure times of the test, and start the instrument to perform the tests automatically. The resolution of this model is 0.1 microns.

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