Test Requirements for Hot Bond Tensile Tester


The hot-tack tensile tester is suitable for flexible thermoplastics and their composite materials, and the hot-tack performance test under different heat-sealing conditions within a specific time interval from the end of heat-sealing to the heat-sealed part before cooling to ambient temperature.


It can simulate the heat sealing conditions of different packaging production lines in the existing market, and provide direct and effective data support for customers to choose packaging materials and improve packaging filling efficiency.


The test method is based on "GB/T 34445-2017 Determination of Thermal Adhesive Properties of Hot Covers of Thermoplastics and Their Composite Materials"


The Term

1. Heat sealing time

The duration during which the heat-sealing knife contacts the sample and applies heat-sealing pressure during the heat-sealing process.

2. Delay

The time interval between the time point when the heat-sealing knife is separated and the time point when the sample is ready to withdraw after the heat-sealing process is completed.

3. Retracement time

The time interval from the time point when the sample is just withdrawn to the time point when the sample is just stretched until the slack completely disappears after entering the hot tack test state.

4. Hot tack strength

The hot tack measured on the unit width of the sample during the specified time interval from the end of heat sealing to the time when the heat-sealed part has not cooled to ambient temperature.


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