2022 Dragon Boat Festival Notice from June 3~June 5

Dear colleagues and customers:

The 2022 Dragon Boat Festival Holiday arrangement is hereby notified as follows:

Holiday time: June 3, 2022 (Friday) to June 5, 2022 (Sunday), a total of 3 days.

Holiday Notes:

1. During holidays, it is necessary to raise awareness of prevention, strengthen self-protection, wear a mask when going out, wash hands frequently and ventilate more.

2. Pay attention to the latest situation of the epidemic at any time, avoid traveling and visiting relatives in high-risk areas of the epidemic unless necessary, and avoid going to crowded places.

3. When going to work on June 6, 2022, all personnel need to scan the site code to enter the office area.

Wish you a happy Dragon Boat Festival!  


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