Courier express packaging bags testing? CELL INSTRUMENTS has way

Data shows that China's express delivery business volume has been the largest in the world for many years. Express service makes modern life more convenient.

A large number of express delivery derives the use of countless express packaging bags. Can the performance of express packaging bags meet the requirements during use, can the products in express packaging bags be effectively protected, and will there be cracks, punctures and other phenomena during logistics and transportation?

CELL INSTRUMENTS specializes in producing packaging testing instruments, which can provideexpress packaging bagrelated testing instrument.

Test basis "GB/T 16606.3-2018 packagings for express service Part 3:packing bag"

Terms and Definitions

Plastic film packaging bagplastic film packing bag

Using resin as the main raw material, after blowing film, die cutting, printing and sealing, etc., it is made of bag-type packaging supplies that can be loaded with express shipments during the express delivery process.

Air cushion film packaging bagair spring film packing bag

Using resin as the main raw material, the air cushion film formed by extrusion of double-layer film vacuum compounding, and after compounding, die cutting, printing and bonding, etc., is a bag-type packaging product that can be loaded with express parts.

Plastic woven cloth packaging bagplastic woven sack packing bag

Uses resin as the main raw material, extruded and stretched into flat wires, and processed by weaving, printing and sewing to make bag-type packaging products that can be loaded with express shipments.

Biodegradable plasticbiodegradable plastic

In nature such as soil and/or sand, and/or specific conditions such as composting conditions or anaerobic digestion conditions or aqueous culture solution, the degradation is caused by the action of microorganisms existing in nature, and finally completely degraded into carbon dioxide and methane, water and its contained elements mineralized inorganic salts and new biomass plastics.

Basic Requirements for Different Materials


Factory inspection rules

Sampling is based on the quantity delivered at one time. Packaging bag factorysampling, accordingGB/T 10111regulations randomly select test samples.

Decision rule

Each sample shall be inspected according to the test method specified in the standard. If one or more technical indexes fail to meet the requirements, the product shall be unqualified.

Instrument recommendation


The inspection of express bags is very important. Only through the above inspection items can we understand whether the quality of express bags meets our use requirements, so as to provide data guidance for production and use.