Thickness Tester FTT-01

The high-precision thickness gauge FTT-01 adopts a mechanical contact measurement method, which strictly meets the standard requirements and effectively guarantees the standardization and accuracy of the test. Specializing in the range of plastic film, sheet, diaphragm, paper, foil, silicon and other materials within the precise measurement of the thickness. An automatic sampling device can be selected for continuous multi-point testing without manual intervention.
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Mechanical Contact Thickness Measurement

Prepare a sample of a certain size, manually lift the measuring head on the sample, and test the thickness value of the sample according to the difference from the displacement at zero point. The measuring head can also be customized for a certain pressure and a certain contact area.

product characteristics

1. Design the shape, contact area and pressure of the measuring head in strict accordance with the standard, and support various non-standard customization at the same time.

2. PLC control and touch screen operation

3. The measuring head automatically rises and falls during the test, effectively avoiding system errors caused by human factors

4. Display the maximum, minimum, average, and standard deviation of the measurement results in real time.

5. The output result of the micro printer.

6. The host program can be customized according to the requirements.

7. RS232 interface and professional software (optional)





Test scope 0 to 2mm (standard)
resolution 0.1μm
measuring head hemispherical (other shapes and pressures can be customized)
Dimensions 450mm(L)*350mm(W)*400mm(H)
power supply AC 110~220V


ISO 4593, ISO 534, ISO 3034, ASTM D374, ASTM D1777, TAPPI T411, JIS K6250, JIS K6783, JIS Z1702, BS 3983, BS 4817, GB/T 6672, GB/T 451.3, GB/T 6547

Custom application

measuring pressure and contact area can be customized

film: 17.5±1 kPa,50 mm²
Paper: 100±1 kPa,200 mm²




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