Tensile Tester TST-01

Tensile Tester TST-01 is used to test the mechanical properties of various materials such as stretching, tension, tearing, peeling, deformation, seal strength, adhesiveness, puncture force, etc. It is suitable for plastic films, sheets, composite materials, paper, rubber, textiles, medical packaging, etc.  It's specially designed for plastic film testing by standard ASTM D882.
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Tensile Tester TST-01 is suitable for plastic films, sheets, composite materials, paper, rubber, textiles, medical packaging, etc.  It's specially designed for plastic film testing by standard ASTM D882.
The physical and mechanical performance test in the field is a necessary tool for various material manufacturers and research institutions to conduct physical property tests, research, and quality control.

Test principle

The sample is clamped between the two jaws upper and lower, and the two jaws move from each other. By the loadcell located on the moving jaw and the motor rotating frequency record, the force value and displacement change during the test are collected, so as to calculate the tensile, tearing, elongation rate, and other performance indexes of the sample.

TST-01 has the following features

1. Application of HMI human-machine interface is convenient for setting,  operation, and display
2. PLC programmable controller realizes stable precise performance of the system
3. It is professionally suitable for flexible packaging materials, for its precision ball screw, adjustable test speed, accurate displacement control
4. 7 test items are optional (tensile, 90° peel, 180° peel, heat seal strength, tensile breaking force, elongation, and tensile strength)
5. Different fixtures can be equipped for other items.
6. Micro printer (optional)
7. Equipped with RS232 interface, communication line, and professional software (optional)

Technical Parameters

index parameter
Test Range 0~500N (standard)
Stroke 800mm
Test Speed 1~500mm/min
Accuracy 0.01mm
Force Accuracy 0.5% F.S.
Clamp 27mm wide (standard, 50mm optional)
Power 150W
Power AC 110~220V 
Number of Records 6 groups (customizable), software is not limited.
Operation Control PLC and man-machine interface
Data Output micro printer (optional),RS232 (optional), screen
Unit Display Newton(standard)


Some custom applications


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