Stretch wrap film for transport packaging film cling peel test

According to the The People's Republic of China packaging industry standard "BB/T 0024-2018 stretch wrapping film for transport packaging", this paper introduces various test methods for the performance of stretch wrapping film.


1. Thickness

Cut the whole sample of 100mm along the length direction, place it for 30min and measure 20 points. The reading is accurate to 0.001mm, and the arithmetic average is taken.

2. Tensile breaking force and elongation at break

Type II samples are used according to GB/T 1040.3, with a width of 15mm. The test sample shall be cut 1m after unwinding, and cut evenly at approximately equal intervals along the length or width of the sample. During the test, the TST-01 fixture distance of CELL INSTRUMENTS tensile testing machine is 50mm, the gauge distance is 50mm, and the test speed is 250 mm/min ± 25 mm/min. Longitudinal and horizontal groups, each group of samples is not less than 5, take the arithmetic average, accurate to 0.1N.

3. Peel Cling

According to Appendix A of BB/T 0024-2018 Stretch Winding Film for Transport Packaging. The test sample was unwound for 1m and then sampled. The samples were taken as a group of 500mm × 125mm (longitudinal × transverse) and 180mm × 25mm (longitudinal × transverse) respectively. After the sample is successfully clamped according to the method specified in the standard, pull the clamp at a speed of 125±12.5mm/min until the two samples are separated, record the maximum force value in the separation process, and the reading is accurate to 0.1N.

4. Protrusion/Puncture Test ASTM D5748

According to Appendix C of BB/T 0024-2018 Stretch Winding Film for Transport Packaging. Fix the sample in the experimental device fixture specified by the standard. Start the instrument and carry out the experiment with the puncture needle at a speed of 250 mm/min ± 12.5 mm/min. The experiment will stop when the puncture needle completely passes through the film. If the film is broken at other positions, the sample will be invalid. Record the rupture force (N) of the sample and the extension amount (mm) at the time of rupture.


Another standard for same test is ASTM D5748  Standard Test Method for Protrusion Puncture Resistance of Stretch Wrap Film.


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